The term Aatrral roots in Tamil language. It meant Actions, and also Energy. Every happening in the nature require some amount of energy and it is believed light as a purest form of energy. Nature provides us energy to Act. Not thoughts but Action alone can enhance the knowledge into wisdom.


Aatrral Academy (AA)

  One man’s dream. His tireless effort to understand the basics of science leads to the Vision of creating a community of minds with flawless approach towards basic concepts which laid foundation to Modern science. AA teaches science but also helps learners to have a better connectivity between concepts. Without connections the learning is merely fragmented knowledge.

How AA differs from other learning spaces?

  Clarity helps one to proceed further without hesitation. Witnessing the experiments give such clarity in science field. AA demonstrates all basic concepts that well meet with the theory and theorems. Even a fold scope can stimulate same interest and curiosity in young minds as Electron microscope does. Simple tools are enough to understand most of science concepts. Sticks, rubber band, coin, thread, stone, paper, spring, glass tumbler etc., can well demonstrate the concepts. Simple is Science so do its Application.

Need for Alternative Education

  Education is a lifetime process and there is no final destination to it or a full stop to it. But what is the purpose of an education that doesn’t allow humans to understand nor experience the prominence of sustainability and its significance. Education and sustainability cannot be and should not be separated from each other. In fact it should go hand in hand enhance and nurture each other.

  The knowledge of sustainability allows a person to cognize and apprehends the awareness, abilities, approach and ethics that are necessary to shape and retain a sustainable future. By sustainability we mean that it’s a social responsibility to prevent and protect the resources that are available to us as it was already present in the environment to which we are born. It is also to prevent the exhaustion, exploitation and over use of the resources before it reaches a point where we are unable to retrieve it forever.

  In an Alternative way of education, a conscious attempt is made to understand and include all the aspects of sustainability into the process of facilitating and mentoring such as climate crisis, biodiversity, food and soil, organic farming and its significance, mindful consumption of energy, water conservation and so on.

  Alternative way of education is not like a conventional, method where the teacher stands on a podium while the students sit obediently and listen. Instead it is more of a participative and learner led learning. In this state of education the teacher acts as a facilitator, mentor and even as a learner sometimes. Every participant is open to learning in his or won pace of time and choice and there is no compulsion involved. The role of the facilitator is just to offer all possible concepts and ideas to the participants, and it’s the choice of the participant to choose a concept that is closely associated to him or that is very much aligned with his milieu or if it’s a topic that he or she can associate and thrive well.

  The participants are given the first hand opportunity to do the grass root levels and experience learning in a first-hand module. Lot of scope arises for experiential, experimental and critical learning.

  Alternative education for sustainability requires a form of education where its learner led and the role of the facilitator is to offer all possible knowledge.

OMG Framework

  O-Observe, with five senses.

  M-Measure, with simple tools.

  G-Generalize, the experiences based on established science methods.

  Mostly conventional school system delivers facts. OMG offers a complete knowledge to learners.