29 JAN to 9 FEB 2024
6am to 7am Monday to Friday
@ Online Sessions, Zoom

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🚀 *Ever wondered how to unlock the secrets of structured scientific knowledge? 🌐🔍*

Hey Curious Minds! 🧠✨

What if we told you there's a game-changing course that will redefine the way you think and process information? 🚀 Introducing *Root Fact Code* – the ultimate journey into the heart of structured scientific knowledge acquisition!

🌟 *Have you ever wanted to:*

  • Decode the secrets of programming languages?
  • Cultivate a powerful Prolog mindset for effective problem-solving?

📅 *Mark your calendar!*

10 immersive hours | 2 weeks| Starting [29th Jan 2024]

👨🏫 *Guided by Mr. Karpak, Technical Product Owner!*

⚡ *What if we told you that Root Fact Code offers:*

  • A dynamic learning environment with assumptions and imaginary terms.
  • In-depth exploration of the Prolog mindset.
  • Hands-on experiences with live experiments.
  • Applications across various fields for real-world progress.

🎓 *Who should hop on this knowledge train?*

Parents, college students, school students, self-learners, engineers, and researchers – this journey is for YOU! 🌍

🌐 *Ready to revolutionize your understanding of knowledge?*

Limited seats available! Basic interest in coding and a passion for knowledge acquisition – that's all you need!

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