Un-Nature: Exploring a World Beyond the Ordinary

Have you ever wondered what lies beyond the ordinary, beyond the laws of nature as we know them? Imagine a world where things don't behave as they typically do in our natural environment—a world where the principles that govern action are entirely different. This intriguing concept has fascinated me throughout my life, and I've dedicated myself to unraveling its mysteries. I call it "Un-Nature."


The Quest for Un-Nature:

To truly understand Un-Nature, we must first acknowledge that while we've created intricate machines and systems, we've barely scratched the surface of comprehending the profound principles that govern our natural world. My lifelong ambition has been to delve deep into the intricacies of nature and understand every facet of how it operates. My goal is not to oppose nature but to create a distinct realm, one where things function in a manner entirely separate from our familiar natural order. Here, I aim to dictate the laws that govern these alternate behaviors.


Nature's Exceptional Anomalies:

One vivid memory from my childhood fuels my fascination with the extraordinary within nature. At the tender age of seven, I witnessed bats sleeping upside down in trees for the first time. Until then, I had only seen them in flight. This simple observation made me realize that even within nature's vast playground, there are numerous exceptional behaviors. Bats sleeping upside down might seem unusual, but only because they are a minority in proportion to other species. What if humans had encountered bats exclusively for thousands of years before encountering other birds? We might perceive the behavior of other avian species as exceptional, too.

 from Apollo magazine

First Encounters and Presumptions:

The significance of first encounters cannot be underestimated. When we experience a failure in love or any aspect of life initially, it often shapes our future perceptions. Logic and analytical thinking hold little sway over emotions, especially in matters of the heart. Love is a realm where the logical approach often reveals unexpected complexities.


Emotions as Machines:

Just as machines convert one form of momentum into another, the human mind seeks to transform one emotion into another. Consider the association between the taste of sweetness and happiness. Philosophers may offer explanations, but modern science reveals that this connection is rooted in the neurological processes involving impulses and chemical transfers in our brain. Sweetness triggers the release of molecules that induce happiness, creating a profound emotional connection.


 Un-Nature's Disregard for Conservation of Energy:

In the world of Un-Nature, the laws of conservation of energy no longer apply. Instead, energy undergoes a transformation, intensifying as it passes from one medium to another. This universe should encompass something beyond our conventional understanding of nature, and my unwavering determination drives me to unveil its mysteries.


My journey into the realm of Un-Nature begins with a simple question: What if things could work in radically different ways than we currently understand? Join me in this quest to discover a world that defies normalcy and challenges exceptions. Together, we will embark on a fascinating journey to uncover the enigmatic principles that govern the extraordinary, the uncharted territory that lies beyond the boundaries of our natural world.

-The story teller @aatrral edu

Posted on: 2023-09-30 15:32:24

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